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Ętypos Ltd. is an independent company operating in the field of performance improvement of people in organizations. Ętypos works for companies, the government and non-profit organisations.

Ętypos was founded in 1993 with the idea that each and everyone is better at something than anyone else, and that it is a challenge for each to discover this talent or natural endowment and to put it to use.

The name Ętypos stems from the Greek word "Tupos" and the Latin word "Tupos". This means reaching down to the core, essence or type. Type, according to the dictionary, means presenting people with their characteristic features; the distinguishing quality of a particular person or group. This is exactly what Ętypos stands for.

Ętypos chose the dolphin as logo. The dolphin is since ancient Greek times recognized for energy, zest for life, vitality, passion, inspiration, creativity and communication.


The design was made by Anneke Verhoog, painter.
As a technique she used multi-colour lino.

Ętypos is directed towards the development of core abilities of the individual, teams and organisations with the aim to improving performance: human performance improvement respects the uniqueness of the individual.

Ętypos promotes the generation of vision on the one hand and being realistic on the other, accepting the physical universe and events as they are.

Vision means strategic intelligence. It means "thinking big" creating in the mind's eye the desired future. Of placing oneself, the team or organisation in a wider perspective.

Being realistic means both feet firmly planted on the ground. Being completely in touch with the market place, the facts and with one’s own possibilities. At the same time bearing in mind the limitations of structure, culture and people, according to worthwhile principles.

By using these principles the personal and organisational future is shaped. Nowadays, a great demand is made on executives and staff. We therefore need to create a climate in which risks can be taken and where creativity, dash, spirit and diversity can be developed. Otherwise stated, a good balance between personal freedom, teamwork and excellent leadership.

"The Nereids, goddesses of the sea, spent their days in playing and swimming with dolphins"

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